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Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully.

Sorry, that I had no time to update you lately, but I was on vacation... and now I'm back. Here's a new blogpost about my trip to Croatia. It took me a lot of time, so, I hope you'll enjoy it !

While start writing this text I became quickly aware that it will be a very long one (I'm sorry for that, but I can't keep it shorter), because I've to tell you so many things about how I spent my holidays, where I've been to, what I've wore and what I can recommend.
In summer I always need a little (for sure rather big) time-out from all the kind of school stuff to tank up new energy. I like to do this by spending my time abroad at the beach. There I can explore new places I'd never been before and in most cases there  are only strangers except of my family. So I can do whatever I want to. Tanning at the beach, go swimming or snorkeling, admire the beautiful landscape, strolling through the streets of the nearest city, go for a walk and such more activities were part of my Croatian holiday.
By the way, I'm the type of human, who wants to have strict plan what to do at the next day. I really hate it to do the same thing all day long. So it was a very diverse travel filled with various experiences and I'm pretty happy about it.
So this was a little impression of our travel. I've structured the blog post in 4 topics that you have a better overview.

* What I've done in general
* Where I've been to & my impressions

* Things you should do when you come over here
* What I wore

What I've done in general

No day passed without going to swim. And there are tons of reasons for it. The water was so clear that you could even see your toenails when you were completely in the sea. In addition the sea mostly was shaftless. And you can find many big stones under water. That's why it's suitable to go snorkeling. I've seen so many different fish species and the underwaterworld was pretty awesome. So, if you're there convince yourself of it.

We also had a swimming pool at our resort. But to be honest - why should I go to the pool, when there is the sea right next to it?

To mention it, beach walks in this area have definitely to stand on your to-do-list when you want to travel over here. The landscape next to the sea is just incredible. For me, walking at the beach, is a kind of relaxing and the best way to let problems behind you and just be happy and thankful.

We often had dinner in the center of Rovinj. That's the closest city of our holiday complex. And now I can absolutely say it is one of the most charming cities I've ever been to. But more later...


Where I've been to & my impressions

Guys if you travel over here you definitely have to check Rovinj. I can just recommend it. It's a pretty lovely city located at a big harbour. From there you have an amazing view over the town with the church tower. If you want to take a look over Rovinj from the top, you should try the platform in front of the church. The croatian town is known for it's cute little old town with many alleys. Here you can find a lot of bars, dinner locations and boutiques. In addition I was impressed by the wonderful buildings, which fill Rovinj.


We've made a day trip to the touristic city Pula. It was so boiling hot, that I was really exhausted at the end of the day, but it was worth it, because I've gathered many new experiences. We've visited the amphitheatre, which was so amazing to see. From the top of the castle you have an impressing view over the beutiful city. It's definely worth a visit.

Zlatni Rt
Tan by having a wonderful view, long beach walks and see the incredible underwaterworld... Yes, here you're right! The national park Zlatni Rt leaves no wishes unfullfilled. You can hiking through the stony landscape next to the sea. Also, it is possible to drive by bike through the national park. Moreover you can admire many species of fishes by snorkeling in the sea. And afterwards you can lay down on a cliff and tan your skin. It sounds like a refreshing and perfect day. Am I right?


Every thursday Višnjan offers a little market with traditional things to buy, like oil, lavender and vines, but you can also buy clothes and other foods. It's visited by inhabitants as much as by tourists. We've bought some fruits and vegetables there and they were really delicious. So if you have enough time, you should have a look.

I have to mention that the trip to Brijuni was one of the favorites adventures during my vacation. We arrived the island by boat. Then we've joined a safari tour through the national park and we've seen many animals. I was really surprised by how beautiful this little island is. The sea was so clear and the nature was quite awesome. So we had an unforgettable day there. You should come over here and have a look by yourself.


The trip to Vrsar was a really spontaneous one, because the weather wasn't good enough to go swimming. So we decided to drive to Vrsar, a little harbour city as well. Afterwards it was a pretty good decision, because Vrsar is a really cute, little city with a lot of palm trees. From the tower of the Sankt Martin Church you'll see the whole city with it's harbour from above. You should walk through the steep alleys of Vrsar, as well, where you can find many lovely coffees. 

Things you should do when you come over here

1.  Be part of the safari tour in the national park Brijuni

2.  Visiting the wonderful Pula

3.  Beaching at the Zlatni Rt  park

4.  Strolling through the streets of charming Rovinj

5.  Buy some foods on the traditional market in Višnjan

6.  Admire the incredible underwaterworld

7.  Relax by walking at the beach

8.  Make a short trip to the harbour city Vrsar

9.  Have a delicious dinner (my favourites locals were Rompisasso and Segutra)

10. Enjoy a dolphin sunset boat trip

What I wore

LEVI'S jeans shorts/ BOSS ORANGE T-Shirt/ ASOS hat/ BROKE+SCHÖN sunnies

Poncho (from the market)/ ZARA sunnies/ H&M shoes (similar here)

FOREVER 21 Dress (similar here)/ ADIDAS shoes

BRANDY MELVILLE top/ LEVI'S jeans shorts/ AND OTHER STORIES bag (similar here)/ ADIDAS shoes/ BROKE+SCHÖN sunnies

Dress (from the market)/ TOM TAILOR pullover/ ADIDAS shoes/ BROKE+SCHÖN sunnies 

Dress (from the market)/ MONKI sunnies/ SERGIO TODZZI shoes

ZARA jumpsuit (similar here)/ FOREVER 21 bra/ ADIDAS shoes

ZARA sweater/ ADIDAS shoes

by Tabata Fenner

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