" Dresden, Germany"

Life's a journey not a destination.

I've headed to Dresden with my boyfriend last week. We wanted to make a day trip there to check out if it's really such a beautiful city as everybody says. And yes it is! It remembered me a little bit of Paris, with it's old buildings and sights right next to the river. But only a little bit, because Paris is definitely my favourite city I've visited til now.

There arrived we had an unbelieveble delicious breakfast in a location called "Rauschenbach Deli", which we've founded via "foodguideapp" (click button below). I would always come back if I'm there!

So far, we explored Dresden by feet and walked near to 30.000 steps this day. Afterwards we were totally exhausted. But it was worth it. We've seen many historical places like the "Church of our Lady", the "Zwinger", the "Cathedral of the Holy Trinity" and the "Kreuzkirche". Also, we've strolled next to the Elbe, where we've taken some pictures, because the view was just stunning. We went to the "Grand Garden", as well. There we've joined a train ride and the employees were excluded only childs, what was really strange to see. After that we started to walk back to the bus station to drive home but the bus delayed. So we had to wait an hour, but that was not as bad in such a beautiful city. Have you ever been there?

by Tabata Fenner

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    This foodguideapp is absolutely fabulous ;D