"Amsterdam, Netherlands"

. . . a city to get lost.

As you may know I headed to Amsterdam for four days to explore the city. I really had a great time over there. But honestly stressful, as well. In my opinion city trips are always related with pressure, because you want to see as much as you can. Unfortunately there wasn't so much time to stroll through the city without a destination to go. Therefor it feels like we've seen almost every part of the city, which is not as bad. To add on our hotel called "France Hotel" (linked below, but I cannot recommend it) is directly in the center of the city five minutes from the Central Station, that's why we walked almost everything by foot. And my legs always hurt in the evening.

Something about our hotel: I guess you don't need a luxury and perfect hotel for a city trip like this, because you only will sleep there. And the hotel was okay for the price! We always had breakfast in the Pub right next to us, what was nice. The standard of the hotel was not as good. First we had a room without a window, but fortunately we could change.

Things to say about Amsterdam

First things first when you head to Amsterdam you'll definitely have to jump away from a bike-rider, because there are so many of this, that you cannot avoid it. They literally have an own street part almost everywhere. So if you love riding by bike it's the perfect place! By enjoying a sightseeing tour the tourist guide told us that there are thrice as much bicycles as humans.

I unfortunately have to say something negative about Amsterdam, as well. There is so much trash, like empty bottles everywhere, if it's in the park, in the Amstel or on the street... you'll see it.


The city is well-known for the red light area and the coffee shops, too. And yes I've to admit that I've been over there and especially when it becomes night there is a lot of prostitution. I also have to admit that I've smelled a lot more Cannabis than ever, but you can avoid these areas if you want. For me, it is worth to take a look.

But now we forget the negative aspects and go back to the positive ones, because there are much more of it. The architectures and buildings of Amsterdam are just a dream. They are all so detailed and lovely that you wish you could live there. But I've been told that it's not so easy because you have to follow many rules. But if I could choose one thing which I liked most about Amsterdam, I would say the buildings... next to the river.

I will write down all the activities we've done and locals we've vistited and say what I can recommend, so that you have an idea where you could go when you plan to go to Amsterdam.

Where I've been to and what I've done

1st day

arrived in Amsterdam

had breakfast - in Omelegg
 headed to the Nieuwmarkt - which is very touristic and not the best market
strolled through Jordaan - a really lovely area

shopped some pieces by things I like things I love and Nummer9
China Town - where are some nice coffee's (Latei) and dinner locations

2nd day
 bus tour - via Tours & Tickets

visited the Noordermarkt - really cool market for vintage stuff

had lunch in the Pluk coffee - so lovely decorations and foods
walked over the Bloemenmarkt - what I cannot recommend

Begjinhof - a beautiful and detailed housing development
 had a look into the YELLOWCORNER gallery - which offers breathtaking modern photographs
headed to the SkyLounge - where you have an unique view over Amsterdam

went to the Red Light area of Amsterdam

3rd day
 went to the Albert Cupymarkt - which was my favorite one. There are foods, clothes, flowers...

strolled through the streets of the De Pijp area - a really nice spot to spend time

vintage shopping - in a shop called Het Kaufhaus
lay down at the Vondelpark - which was really crowded

strolled through the alleys of Jordaan and China Town

the late night canal cruise - was romantic and impressing

4th day

went to a secret church - a really interesting place
 visited a houseboat museum
take a photo of the six dancing houses
climbed the Oude Kerk Tower - where you had an amazing view

What I've wore

ZARA dress/ ZARA scarf/ H&M shoes/ AND OTHER STORIES bracelet


ZARA jacket/ BRANDY MELVILLE top/ LEVI'S shorts 

VINTAGE jacket/ MARKET dress/ BIBI bracelet

by Tabata Fenner

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