" My Favorite Jewellery"

Jewellery is like the perfect spice-it always complements what's already there.

Hey guys, sorry for being so inactive the last time, but I had a lot of school struggle, so that I hadn't enough time. Fortunately it's vacation time now. And it will definitely follow an other post soon. But first here's the blog post about my favorite jewellery. I planned to write it such a long time and finally I made it.
I guess jewellery plays a big role by completing an outfit, because you look way more attracted. That's why I find it really important to intigrate bracelets, earrings and necklaces into my outfits. With jewellery you can easily improve an outfit. Especially in autumn and winter it's nice, that something on the neck, arm or ear is sparkling, because it's so gray and rainy outside. Am I right?
I wanted to share my favorite ones with you. Hope you'll enjoy it !

The Golden One

and other stories - bracelet

Tommy Hilfiger - earrings (similar here)

The Silver One

Fossil - silver bracelet with rhinestones

silver ring

Oh, Clock !

Pallas PARA - golden clock

golden bracelet

Heart & Feather

GUESS - silver bracelet with a heart

from the market - silver bracelet with a feather

Perfect With Blue Jeans

Paul Hewitt - blue-wite striped bracelet with an anchor (get it)

Necklace Combination

Brandy Melville - Choker

golden necklace

24 COLOURS - silver and golden necklace

An Eye Catcher

Bibi - colorful bracelet

Always a Good Idea

and other stories - silver bracelet

from the market - silver bracelet with a flower pattern

by Tabata Fenner

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