" Paris Flashback "

Paris is not a city, it is a world.

Oh, Paris ! It's been one year since I visited this amazing city. I started blogging in late spring this year. Because of that I wanted to write a blog post about Paris now. I actually don't want to keep from you my impressions. There is an important reason for it. Paris is by far my favorite city of the one's I've visited until now. I will come back as soon as possible.
Not for nothing it is called the city of love ! The atmosphere in Paris is just indescribable. A look on the sparkling Eiffel Tower by night keeps away almost every sorrow. In addition you should go for a walk next to the Seine, have some tea or coffee at a typical french local and visit the Place des Vosges. The Montmartre area and Louvre are a must as well when you decide to come over here. I would also recommend you to go to the Passage des Panorames, on the roof of Galeries Lafayette and to a market.
To add up I really liked the attitude of many people there. They looked so self-confident, stylish and clean.
My visit was in autumn and even when it was a little bit rainy, I really liked it. Maybe just because of it?! I could also imagine to travel there in winter.
Our nights we passed in a room from an other family ... a typical french family, I would say. The flat and breakfast fulfilled almost every cliché. I liked spending my nights there and not in a hotel room, because it was something special. That's why, I think, I experienced the city much more than the others.

My heart belongs to Paris...

by Tabata Fenner

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